Daily Sketch – 5/18/15


I’ve been watching a lot of Sci-Fi lately (the designs on Automata were awesome), and with…recent events, I can’t help but think about a robot police force. Think about, not hope for – at least not in my lifetime. I’ll try to avoid getting into too much detail about the possibilities of hacking, the importance of retaining humanity, and militarization of…nevermind. Here’s the ideas I had as I was drawing… Continue reading

Daily Sketch – 4/23/15

If you want your own armor, why not make it?

I’m just going to lump this in as “Fan Art.” That’s what happens when you don’t use enough reference… #TIL

You’d think after this many years in Seattle I’d be used to the rain. Somehow it always throws my art into a funk, but now I feel like I’m just making excuses…so we’ll just move along. This was supposed to be a 10-minute trial of value/linework over a 3D head, but I nailed the “Cylon” look (curse you, subconscious influence!) around the 8-minute mark and decided to throw a Destiny spin on it. Really want to pursue this, but also want to incorporate turnarounds into these as well.

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Daily Sketch – 4/22/15


Subconsciously made Sam Elliot part of my crew – “Rum. It’s what’s for dinner.”

Just a frustrating day. Getting this done in the evening was nice because I didn’t have to worry about “Getting it right” (maybe a lesson for future work?). Its interesting how some days you can be completely involved in your work, your mind and pen/stylus completely in sync with each other, and you just feel like “Heck yeah, I’m unstoppable.” Wake up the next morning, work on some hand drawings, and suddenly theres a bunch of hot dogs sitting in your sketchbook. The worst! Gotta keep moving forward and hope tomorrow is better, I guess.

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