Teaching Myself Maya

I’ve been at this for about a month now, and much like when started with Photoshop, the interface is incredibly daunting. Continue reading

Thumbnails – A Brighter Tomorrow


FUTURE FAMILY OUTINGS — counting sunsets, asteroid viewing, colony parks (with off-world toys)

With Bible Wars wrapping up, I’ve implemented a new exercise to keep my mind turning out new ideas. I’ve designed a template with blank boxes; the goal being to fill them up with small black and white paintings as the day progresses. I’m shooting for at least 10 at some point, but I’m really shooting for quality ideas. Continue reading

Daily Sketch – 5/18/15


I’ve been watching a lot of Sci-Fi lately (the designs on Automata were awesome), and with…recent events, I can’t help but think about a robot police force. Think about, not hope for – at least not in my lifetime. I’ll try to avoid getting into too much detail about the possibilities of hacking, the importance of retaining humanity, and militarization of…nevermind. Here’s the ideas I had as I was drawing… Continue reading

Daily Sketch – 4/27/15

dragon helmet

Symmetry without the undo button – exciting way to start the day. I was shooting more for a profile view, but it ended up almost 3/4 , so I had to make a few adjustments. Think I’ll spend next week just focusing on basic anatomy, so I can nail these designs down without having to waste time worrying about getting proportions right.

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Daily Sketch – 4/23/15

If you want your own armor, why not make it?

I’m just going to lump this in as “Fan Art.” That’s what happens when you don’t use enough reference… #TIL

You’d think after this many years in Seattle I’d be used to the rain. Somehow it always throws my art into a funk, but now I feel like I’m just making excuses…so we’ll just move along. This was supposed to be a 10-minute trial of value/linework over a 3D head, but I nailed the “Cylon” look (curse you, subconscious influence!) around the 8-minute mark and decided to throw a Destiny spin on it. Really want to pursue this, but also want to incorporate turnarounds into these as well.

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